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100% of the profits from prints sales goes to MMIWUSA, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.



“MMIWUSA’s mission is to combat the widespread issue of violence against native people which leads to our people going missing and getting murdered. Through our mission, MMIWUSA aims to serve indigenous families in the United States who are affected by violence and poverty. We also aim to protect those who are vulnerable to it in our communities through preventative measures. We serve those who are affected by the loss of a family member to the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women and people (MMIW/P), and those who are at a broader disadvantage due to things like domestic violence, addiction, trafficking, the foster care system, and other issues that are prevalent in indigenous communities. We serve those who are experiencing the oppressive cycles of abuse and trauma caused by the history of colonial violence. We serve all native people, no matter whether they are on or off of their home reservation lands.”




11x14, 1 of 1 Matted & framed original. The frame is made of natural solid wood with a rich finish and grain.

Includes: Original artwork, Authentic signature, Wooden frame, Professional foam board mounting, Polar white matte

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